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Welding Certificate, Basic

Total certificate hours:  16

Careers: Entry Level Grinder, Fitter, Welder’s Helper

This Certificate provides entry-level skills courses in welding technology.  Students who complete the basic welding certificate will be qualified for entry level positions in welding shops.  These would be at the lowest rate of pay and would require additional training to be provided by the employer.  This certificate is essentially designed to provide the foundation for the intermediate and advanced welding certificates.


Required Courses (16 credits)

Course NameCredits:Term TakenGradeGen Ed
WEL 101 - Allied Cutting Processes Credits: 4 (1-3)
WEL 102 - Oxyacetylene Joining Processes Credits: 4 (1-3)
WEL 103 - Basic Shielded Metal Arc I Credits: 4(1-3)
WEL 125 - Introduction to Gas Metal Arc Welding Credits: 4(1-3)