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Welding Certificate, Intermediate

Total certificate hours:  16

Careers: Welder’s Helper, Apprentice Welder, Welder

This Certificate builds upon the knowledge gained in the basic skills certificate to provide entry-level and advancing skills courses in welding technology.  Students who complete this certificate will be prepared for more complex applications in the welding industry.  Completion of this certificate will qualify welders for careers in fabrication and/or repetitive application processes performed in most manufacturing shops.



Required courses (16 credits)

Course NameCredits:Term TakenGradeGen Ed
WEL 104 - Basic Shielded Metal Arc II Credits: 4 (1-3)
WEL 106 - Blueprint Reading for Welders and Fitters Credits: 4(1-3)
WEL 124 - Introduction to Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Credits: 4(1-3)
WEL 202 - Gas Metal Arc Welding II Credits: 4 (1-3)