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Early Childhood Director Certificate

Total Certificate Hours: 30

This program provides the State designated entry-level requirements for working in early care and education settings. In order to meet state licensing requirements, please see additional requirements at the following address and for any other requirements in order to be licensed by the state of Colorado.

Required Courses (30 credits)

Course NameCredits:Term TakenGradeGen Ed
ECE 1011 - Introduction to Early Childhood Education Credits: 3(3-0)
ECE 1045 - Introduction to Early Childhood Education Techniques Credits: 3(1-2)
ECE 1031 - Guidance Strategies for Young Children Credits: 3(3-0)
ECE 1111 - Infant and Toddler Theory and Practice Credits: 3(3-0)
ECE 2051 - Nutrition Health and Safety Credits: 3(3-0)
ECE 2621 - Curriculum Development: Methods and Techniques Credits: 3(3-0)
ECE 2381 - Child Growth and Development Credits: 3(3-0)
ECE 2401 - Admin of Early Childhood Care and Education Programs Credits: 3(3-0)
ECE 2411 - Admin: Human Relations for Early Childhood Education Credits: 3(3-0)
ECE 2601 - The Exceptional Child Credits: 3(3-0)