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College Catalog 2022-2023 
College Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Services


Lamar Community College provides a wide range of student-related services including academic, housing, health, emotional, and social needs. Many of LCC’s student organizations, funded by student fees, fall within this category.

LCC Virtual Bookstore

The LCC Virtual Bookstore, eCampus, is stocked with the textbooks necessary to meet each course requirement. Use the secure payment option to purchase textbooks. If a student has been awarded financial aid at LCC, that aid money may pay for a portion of the cost of textbooks, or it may pay for all the textbooks needed. Please see LCC Financial Aid to determine the exact amount of a financial award. The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 requires colleges to publish information regarding course textbooks and materials, including the name of each textbook, the proper edition, the ISBN #, and the cost. To visit the LCC eCampus website, please click here.

Textbook Return Policy

If students need to return a book to eCampus, they can log onto their portal and access eCampus. Students will find all the instructions under “Manage My Rentals/Returns”. The eCampus store will allow students to print off the packing slip and shipping label needed for return.

Textbook Buyback Policy

The LCC Virtual Bookstore schedules a textbook buyback period for students at the end of each semester. This may decrease the net cost students pay for their textbooks and replenishes the college’s used book supply.

Students can attend these events to sell their used textbooks or go directly to the eCampus website by clicking here. The eCampus store offers free shipping for selling your textbooks and gives you many options for getting money for your books. Students may choose from check, direct deposit, or buyback credit.

Textbook Rentals

LCC Virtual Bookstore, eCampus, offers students the option to rent selected textbooks. Student are required to return their textbooks at the end of rental period/semester end. If students do not return a rental textbook by the agreed date, they will be charged the replacement cost. If students choose to rent their textbook, they will be required to provide credit or debit card information for eCampus to charge in the event the book is not returned. This credit or debit card must have an expiration date that is later than the rental period.

CCCOnline Textbooks & Course Materials

Students can click here to find a complete listing of required course materials on the CCCS website. These course materials can be purchased via eCampus as well. Just follow the link under ‘My Schedule’ section in the student portal to see all the books required for each course.

Residence Halls

LCC seeks to provide supervised residence halls that supply a safe and fun environment for residents. Residence life can provide opportunities for growth in independent living, social skills, and leadership. All single freshmen under 21, not living with parents or relatives while attending LCC, are required to live in the college residence hall. Students who have completed two (2) full-time semesters on a college campus are exempt from this requirement. LCC reserves the right to bill freshmen students who have not been exempted/received housing waivers. For more information, please contact the Coordinator of Residence Life.

The residence community at LCC is comprised of three buildings, two joined by a common lobby and dining hall. Todd Hall is a two-story facility located on the west side of the residence complex. Burch Hall is a three-story facility located on the east side of the complex. Laundry facilities on the first floor of each wing are available to all residents. Other resident facilities include a computer lab, weight room, and game room/lobby. Each room is equipped with wireless Internet service. Service is provided through a Residence Hall Technology fee. Housing 31 students with suite-style living, Prowers House (3rd residence) affords second year students a different experience. Each suite features two bedrooms joined by a shared bathroom and can accommodate up to four students.

Lamar Community College does not provide housing facilities specifically for married students.

Activities for residents are planned each semester to encourage students in meeting and interacting with other residents. In addition to ping-pong and pool tournaments, residents also participate in social nights and sports-related celebrations.

Before any student may be guaranteed living space in residence hall, the student must send a completed Application for On-Campus Housing and a $150.00 deposit to Lamar Community College in care of the Coordinator of Residence Life. This includes students attending the College on Residence Hall scholarships. A $15.00 fee is deducted from the deposit for residence hall activities. If a student moves out or is removed before the census date, (s)he is charged 1/3 for room and board. If a student moves or is removed after the census date, (s)he is charged the full amount of the semester’s room and board. Finally, if a student does not follow proper checkout procedures as outlined in the student handbook, (s)he forfeits the entire deposit. Any property damage is charged to the student and additional charges are assessed if the damage amount exceeds the deposit. If there are no damages, the remaining $135.00 is refunded. If a student submits a room deposit and chooses not to live in the residence hall, $100.00 is refunded. This amount is refunded only after the student has notified the college that he/she does not need the room. If a student has an unpaid bill at Lamar Community College, the deposit will be applied to the outstanding balance.

Dining Hall

Dining on campus is an integral part of the LCC student experience. The LCC Dining Hall is located in the Kelley Union Cafeteria at the north end of Todd-Burch Residence Hall. The dining hall features an all-you-can-eat concept with a variety of choices available at each meal. The staff works with students to meet their unique nutritional and dietary needs. Theme nights and special events occur throughout the year.

Wellness Center

The LCC College Wellness Center is a recent addition to the campus. The facility is home to Runnin’ Lopes athletic offices and facilities for basketball, baseball, golf, softball, and volleyball. The gymnasium holds 978 fans for athletic events as well as other school-sponsored events and activities. The gym is open to students on designated evenings.

Fitness Center

Located within the Wellness Center is a state-of-the-art Fitness Center equipped with treadmills, bikes, ellipticals and weight machines as well as an indoor walking track.

Campus Health Center

Made possible by an agreement between LCC and High Plains Community Health Center and located in the Wellness Center, the Lamar Community College Campus Health Center provides ambulatory health care services and offers health education programs to help students, faculty, staff, and their families achieve a healthy life. The Center’s goal is to provide accessible health services on the campus at a reasonable cost to the LCC community and/or make necessary referrals. All individual medical information is confidential.

For full-time uninsured students taking 12 or more credit hours, the cost is written off. For students having applicable health insurance, their insurance is billed and any office visit co-pay or deductible due from the student is written off.

Part-time students may choose to pay the $33.60 fee per semester entitling them to Campus Health Center benefits provided to full-time students. If additional services are required such as lab, x-ray or immunizations, the High Plains Community Health Center’s usual and customary charges apply.

Academic Support

Professional, academic counseling is available for both day and evening students. Career, retention, and transfer are addressed.  Students are provided information and strategies in the following areas: goal setting, adjustment to college, time management, effective communication, relationship skills, stress management, decision making and resource referral. These services are provided through the MAP Center and Tutoring.

Alcohol and Drug Counseling

These services are provided by local agencies in Lamar.  Contact LopesCares at 719.691.1601 or lopescares@lamarcc.edu for referral information.

Student Life

Opportunities for close contact with other students as well as faculty and staff are an important means of becoming a part of campus life. This aspect of college life is more available at LCC due to the College’s size, providing a chance for becoming active in campus life which may lead to a greater measure of success in higher education.

Opportunities for leadership development abound on community college campuses, and Lamar Community College is no exception. All students are encouraged to participate in activities, including student government, which promote the idea that “everybody is somebody” on LCC’s campus.

Student groups, in cooperation with faculty and staff, plan student activities at Lamar Community College. The mission of the College’s Student Life Office is to enhance student life outside of the classroom by providing events and activities that appeal to students of all types. As part of its mission, the Student Life Office recognizes such activities as National Health and Wellness Week, Alcohol Awareness Week, and other health care related issues. Entertainment and activities include comedians, hypnotists, magicians, bands, movies, bowling, and barbecues. Support of LCC’s athletic programs and campus elections involve the entire student body and faculty.

Student representatives serve on administrative committees concerning student life on campus. Activity and Student Government fees serve as income for all student activities and organizations listed in the catalog. Some groups and clubs may choose to perform additional fund-raising activities.

Innovate & Make Space (I&MS)

Welcome to the Innovate & Make Space (I&MS) at Lamar Community College! At the I&MS, we encourage you to bring your big ideas and use our equipment to make your vision a reality.  

This space is designed especially for tinkerers, hobbyists, and budding entrepreneurs who are interested in designing, prototyping, and creating a finished product.  I&MS users work alongside Master Certified Volunteers to make their projects come to life using state-of-the-art technology including  laser cutters, plasma cutter, vinyl cutter/sublimation printer, heat press, 3D printers, milling machine, full woodworking and ceramics lab, and an industrial sewing machine room including several home sewing machines and an embroidery machine.

Many of our makers come to simply make personalized gifts for themselves as well as family and friends, while others have taken advantage of this space to launch their own businesses.  Come on in, learn a new skill, brainstorm, and collaborate with other makers, and have a great time in the process. For more information, click here.

Be a part of Southeast Colorado’s FIRST makerspace! 

Student Organizations

The following is an outline of current student organizations open to all students at LCC.

Student Government Association (SGA)

The Lamar Community College SGA is comprised solely of students. The president, vice president, secretary/treasurer, state student advisory council representative, residence hall liaison, and up to eleven senators play prominent roles in student life. SGA is the governing board responsible for allocating student fee monies to requesting groups and organizations on campus. SGA is involved in formulating rules and policies set forth by the College and is an important programming body for students. All students are encouraged to attend meetings as well as State Student Advisory Council meetings, which allows them to familiarize themselves with the entire Colorado Community College System as well as LCC. Elections for the five executive officer positions occurs each spring semester while applicants for senator are voted in by the Executive Committee during the spring and fall semesters.

Ag Club

Students interested in agriculture/equine are encouraged to join the LCC Ag Club.  This club is open to all majors and provides a wide range of activities for all.  Student-driven, this club provides for leadership development, education, and promotion of the agriculture/equine industries.

Business & Technology Club

The Business Tech Club is designed for students who are interested in how business and technology may have a role in their futures and encourages leadership development and teamwork among student members through involvement in campus and community business activities on and off campus. Business Tech Club expects students to participate and share ideas, strengths, and energy with the club.

Cosmetology Student Club

LCC’s Cosmetiques Club engages current Cosmetology students in activities related to Cosmetology, including community service. Cosmetiques provides quality educational experiences for students in leadership, teamwork, citizenship, and character development. Through hair shows, networking opportunities, and travel, Cosmetiques fosters and reinforces self-confidence, work attitudes and communication skills emphasizing total work quality, high ethical standards, superior work skills, life-long education, and pride in the dignity of work through conferences, networking opportunities, and travel.

Student Nurse Association

Student Nurse Association membership is open to all current nursing students. Members of this organization work to increase knowledge and awareness of health issues of college students, faculty, and administrative staff and to facilitate communication/collaboration between students, nurses, and professionals.

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa is an international scholastic honor society to recognize and encourage scholarship among two-year college students. The Beta Eta Gamma Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa promotes academic excellence at LCC and is active on campus. To be eligible, students must have a 3.5 grade-point average after completing 12 or more credit hours of college-level work, be currently enrolled, and be actively pursuing an associate degree. Induction of new members occurs every fall and spring semester. Phi Theta Kappa members are honored at commencement for their outstanding academic achievements. Over $35 million dollars in scholarships are available to Phi Theta Kappa members transferring to four-year institutions.

Rodeo Club

The LCC Rodeo Club is open to every student on campus. Members of this club range from rodeo team members to students desiring to learn more about the sport of rodeo. Members assist with practices, attend weekly meetings, plan the Antelope Stampede (LCC’s annual rodeo) and attend other club activities.

Intercollegiate Athletics

Lamar Community College provides opportunities for students to participate in intercollegiate athletics. LCC is a Division I member of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) and participates in Region IX. Its Rodeo Team participates in the Central Rocky Mountain region of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association. LCC sponsors teams in men’s and women’s basketball, women’s volleyball, men’s baseball, women’s softball, men’s golf, men’s and women’s soccer, and men and women’s rodeo. Scholarships are offered to athletes based on skill level and need. Click here for additional information about LCC Athletics.

Athletic Mission

Lamar Community College recognizes the importance of every individual and his or her right to an education commensurate with his or her maximum ability. In turn, the student is expected to make full utilization of the learning opportunities offered by the College.

Athletics is a vital part of education and an avenue for educational opportunities. The Athletic Department is an integral partner in the overall educational process at Lamar Community College helping student athletes reach their highest potential both in the classroom and competition. Athletic programs provide a well-rounded schedule of intercollegiate competition, which complements and is consistent with the educational goals of the institution. The programs are dedicated to providing an atmosphere of pride, integrity, and entertainment for the College and the community.