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College Catalog 2012-2013 
College Catalog 2012-2013 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


LCC President John T. MarrinA Message from the President

On behalf of the faculty and staff of Lamar Community College, I welcome you to our new online catalog. I sincerely hope that this addition will be an incredible tool as you investigate your educational options, find additional resources, and better understand your responsibilities as a student.  Please review it and keep this link handy for future reference. Knowledge is still the best source for a bright future!

We are excited about how the college is set to grow in the next few years.  We are implementing many new programs and bringing greater value and a multitude of additional options to our students.  I am sure you will find our offerings compare with the finest quality programs anywhere, yet you will have enhanced personal attention because of our smaller, closely-knit campus.

Our newly adopted vision for the college is ”At Lamar Community College, we are committed to providing the highest quality education in an environment of service excellence.”  It’s a commitment to you, our student, and a goal to strive for every day.

Best of luck in your educational pursuits!

John T. Marrin

The LCC Mission & Vision

Lamar Community College is located on the plains of southeastern Colorado and is well known for its moderate weather and days of sunshine. The College has developed a special concern for the educational needs of Prowers, Baca, Kiowa, and Cheyenne Counties but includes within its vision and “community” the state of Colorado, the nation, and through its unique programs, dedicated staff, and picturesque setting—the world.

The College counts among its alumni successful businesspersons, ranchers and farmers, educators, professionals, entrepreneurs, and others who continue to expand their human potential. LCC’s graduates are scattered throughout the world, and increasingly, its students add to the cultural diversity of the institution as they gather from the four corners of the globe.

Lamar Community College embraces the philosophy of a comprehensive community college as it serves the educational needs of its students. LCC is dedicated to providing all students with quality educational opportunities and services that assist learners to maximize development and operate successfully in our ever-changing world.

The College is an “open-door” institution, and it enrolls all students 16 years of age or older, regardless of previous academic experience, who can profit from the College’s instructional efforts. The College offers complete academic transfer programs through its Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees. The College also offers occupational instruction, which leads to a variety of degrees and certificates. At Lamar Community College, “we enrich lives through learning.”

The college’s vision is “At Lamar Community College, we are committed to providing the highest quality education in an environment of service excellence.”

Role and Purpose

Lamar Community College is a learner-centered, coeducational, comprehensive, two-year post-secondary institution of higher learning. As a member of the Colorado Community College System, LCC is committed to providing

  • transfer programs that qualify students for admission to four-year colleges and universities;
  • educational offerings that meet students’ occupational needs in technical and applied fields;
  • developmental education to build basic academic skills;
  • opportunities for perpetual learning and lifelong development;
  • an environment supportive of learners and learning; and
  • comprehensive assessment of student learning.

A Brief History of LCC

Established in 1937, Lamar Community College began its service to its communities as the Junior College of Southeastern Colorado. It was originally established to give the impoverished residents of the western edge of the “Dust Bowl” new hope in the midst of the Great Depression. The College is a testimony to the perseverance of the organizations and individuals that founded it. Supported by tuition, fees, and donations from merchants and civic organizations, the College was essentially a private institution. Its first campus was a structure originally built by the Works Public Administration (WPA) as a hospital for tuberculosis patients. The original building still stands at Eighth Street and Walnut.

In 1946, voters formed a local district, supported by tax dollars, and guaranteeing open enrollment. At this time, the name was changed to Lamar Junior College. As enrollment and program offerings steadily increased after World War II; the campus expanded to nearby buildings and houses.

Changing with the Times

The 1960s ushered in a decade of change as the College relocated to its present location, changed its name to Lamar Community College, and joined the Colorado Community College System. Todd-Burch Residence Hall and the Bowman, Trustees, and Betz Buildings were all built in the period between 1966 and 1971. Lamar Community College entered another period of construction in 1999, with the renovation and renaming of the Betz Building to the Betz Technology Center. In this same time period, LCC built its state-of-the-art Wellness Center. LCC’s original indoor horse arena was constructed in 1975; a major expansion and renovation was completed in the fall of 2009 to create LCC’s Equine Complex.

Expanded Educational Offerings

Through its rich history, Lamar Community College has continued to provide a unique educational experience to students. The small, friendly campus atmosphere helps students feel welcome and valued. Many area students who seek skills and knowledge to enter the workforce or to transfer to universities find LCC their best option for higher education. LCC also attracts students from outside the service area who appreciate smaller classes and the personalized attention they receive from staff and faculty. Many come to study in one of the signature programs or to continue their athletic careers. Through partnerships with other colleges and universities, LCC has expanded its services to students to include dual application and on-campus baccalaureate options.

Born from the tenacious spirit of pioneer founders and empowered by the alliance with the Colorado Community College System, Lamar Community College stands ready to serve its students into the 21st century and beyond.

Commitment to Diversity

Diversity among students, faculty, administration, and staff is an important measure of quality within academic institutions. Lamar Community College seeks to achieve greater diversity and reflect the variety of its community and the world. LCC strives to develop and foster diversity in all college activities, including student recruitment and support, staff recruitment and development, institutional policy, and community relations. To achieve this goal, the following objectives have been established.

LCC will expand the pool of applicants for admission and employment with an emphasis on underrepresented populations. Lamar Community College supports and encourages educational and employment opportunities for all.

LCC recognizes the need to provide retention support services for students and employees from underrepresented populations and will strive to implement plans to achieve this goal.

Lamar Community College is known for educational quality and high graduation and transfer rates. LCC will maintain its educational integrity and increase these rates for underrepresented students through development of specific educational achievement plans, which emphasize personal commitment and care of the individual underrepresented student.

LCC, in cooperation with community leaders of Prowers County, will develop a welcoming and culturally sensitive climate on and off campus and foster community networks that support underrepresented populations.

Academic Calendar

Dates subject to change without notice.                              

Summer Semester 2012

April 30 First day of expanded Summer Hours; most offices open 7 a - 5:30 p M-Th
April 30 First day of 15-week Summer Session
May 14 Census date for 15-week Summer Session
May 21 First day of 10-week and May 5-week Summer Sessions
May 24 Census date for May 5-week Summer Session
May 28 Memorial Day - campus closed
May 30 Census date for 10-week Summer Session
June 4 First day of CCCOnline courses
June 5 Last day to add CCCOnline courses
June 13 Last day to drop CCCOnline courses
June 15 Last day to withdraw for May 5-week Session
June 22 Last day of May 5-week Summer Session
June 25 First day of June 5-week Summer Session
June 27 Grades due for May 5-week Summer courses
June 28 Census date for June 5-week Summer Session
July 4 Independence Day - campus closed
July 13 Last day to withdraw for 10-week Summer Session
July 20 Last day to withdraw for 15-week and June 5-week Sessions
July 23 Fall Orientation #1
July 27 Last day of Summer 10-week and June 5-week Sessions
July 30 Last day to withdraw from CCCOnline classes
August 1 Grades due for Summer 10-week and June 5-week courses
August 10 Last day of Summer 15-week Session
August 10 Last day of expanded Summer Hours
August 12 Last day of CCCOnline courses
August 15 Grades due for Summer 15-week courses

Fall Semester 2012

August 13 Faculty return / In-service / New faculty orientation
August 16 Residence halls and cafeteria open at 12:00 noon
August 17 Fall Orientation #2
August 20 First day of classes (standard term courses)
August 27 First day of CCCOnline Session #1 courses
August 29 Last day to add CCCOnline Session #1 courses
September 3 Labor Day – offices closed / no classes
September 4 Census date (for standard term courses)
September 11 Last day to drop CCCOnline Session #1 courses
October 1 First day of classes for CCCOnline Session #2 courses
October 2 Last day to add CCCOnline Session #2 courses
October 11 Last day to drop CCCOnline Session #2 courses
November 1 Intent to Graduate forms due (for spring graduation)
November 1 Online pre-registration begins for spring semester
November 15 Last day to withdraw (for standard term courses)
November 16 K-14 Collaborative Communities Conference
November 19 Last day to withdraw from CCCOnline Session #1 courses
November 19-23 Thanksgiving Break — no classes
November 22 Thanksgiving Day — offices closed
November 26 Last day to withdraw from CCCOnline Session #2 courses
December 4 Last day of instruction for standard term courses
December 5-7 Final Exams
December 8 Residence halls & cafeteria close at 12:00 noon
December 9 Last day of CCCOnline Session #1 and #2 Courses
December 12 Grades due at 12:00 noon-last day for faculty
Dec. 25-Jan. 1 Winter Break — campus closed

Spring Semester 2013

January 2 Faculty return / In-service / New faculty orientation
January 3 Residence halls and cafeteria open at 10:00 a.m
January 3-4 Spring registration – basic skills assessment, advising and orientation
January 7 First day of standard-term courses
January 21 First day of CCCOnline Session #1 courses
January 22 Census date (for standard term courses)
January 23 Last day to add CCCOnline Session #1 courses
February 4 Last day to drop CCCOnline Session #1 courses
February 25 First day of CCCOnline Session #2 courses
February 26 Last day to add CCCOnline Session #2 courses
March 1 Intent to Graduate forms due (for summer graduation)
March 5 Last day to drop CCCOnline Session #2 courses
March 18-22 Spring Break — no classes
April 1 Online pre-registration begins for summer & fall semesters
April 1 Intent to graduate forms due (for fall graduation)
April 4 Last day to withdraw from standard-term courses
April 15 Last day to withdraw from CCCOnline Session #1 courses
April 22 Last day to withdraw from CCCOnline Session #2 courses
April 23 Last day of instruction (for standard term courses)
April 24-26 Final Exams
April 26 Antelope Night
April 27 Commencement
April 28 Residence halls and cafeteria close at 12:00 noon
May 2 Grades due at 12:00 noon
May 3 Last day for full-time faculty
May 5 Last day of CCCOnline Session #1 and #2 courses

Dates subject to change without notice.


Campus Hours

(Fall and Spring semester hours subject to change and may vary seasonally and with holidays. The College observes extended summer hours May - August. Extended hours available during peak usage periods.)

Administration Building (ADM)

8:00 A.M–5:00 P.M., M–F

Betz Technology Center (BZ)

6:30 A.M.–10:00 P.M., M–F

The Lope Shoppe at the Campus Bookstore: 8:00 A.M.–4:00 P.M., M–TH; 8:00 A.M.–12:00 P.M., F

Computer Labs (BZ 230, 231, 244): See posted hours M–F

Student Services Center: 7:00 A.M.–5:30 P.M., M–Th; 8:00 A.M.–4:00 P.M., F


Bowman Building (BW)

6:30 A.M.–10:00 P.M., M–F

 Tutoring & Testing Labs: 8:00 A.M.–8:00 P.M., M–TH; 8:00 A.M.–5:00 P.M., F

 Learning Resource Center/Library: 9:00 A.M.–8:00 P.M., M–TH; 8:00 A.M.–5:00 P.M., F


Trustees Building (TR)

6:30 A.M.–10:00 P.M., M–F
          Business Office: 7:00 A.M.–5:00 P.M, M-F

Cosmetology Rookies Salon: 10:00 A.M.–5:00 P.M, W, TH

               Cosmetology Department 8:00 A.M.–3:00 P.M, M, T.; 8:00 A.M.–5:00 P.M, W, TH

Wellness Center

5:00 A.M.–8:00 P.M., M–TH; 5:00 A.M.–5:00 P.M., F; 8:00 A.M.–1:00 P.M., S

Campus Health Center: 8:00 A.M.–12:30, 1:30-5:00, M, W; 8:00–11:30A.M., 1:30-5:00, T

8:30 A.M.–12:00 P.M., 1:30-4:00 P.M., 5:00-7:30 P.M., TH; 8:00 A.M.–12:30 P.M., F

Fitness Center: 5:00 A.M.–7:30 P.M., M–TH; 5:00 A.M.–6:00 P.M., F;

8:00 A.M.–1:00 P.M., S

Gymnasium Open (varies by sport/semester)

Locator Map

Click here  to view map.

Campus Overview

Lamar Community College is located on the southern edge of the City of Lamar on Highway 287. Its facilities are maintained on a spacious 115-acre campus bounded on the east by lush Willow Creek, a wooded area that is home to deer and a large variety of birds and other wildlife. In 2000, the campus completed an $11-million renovation that included a new gymnasium and wellness complex located next to the residence halls. A renovation and expansion of LCC’s equine facility was completed in the fall of 2008. 

Exceptional Facilities

On the northern edge of the campus stands the Betz Technology Center. It is the home of many occupational programs including art, business and computer, and integrated technology courses, and the Small Business Management Program as well as the Nursing Program, agriculture classes, and faculty offices. Additionally, it houses the Student Services Center, including the Registrar, Admissions, Financial Aid, Recruiter, as well as the Cashier and Campus Bookstore.

The Todd-Burch Residence Hall and Kelley Union Cafeteria are in the middle of the campus. Housing 190 students, the facility also includes a weight room, computer lab, and lobby with recreational equipment.

The Wellness Center provides a state-of-the-art fitness center, indoor walking track, gymnasium, and athletic office complex and the Campus Health Center for students and staff.

On the southern end of the  LCC campus is the Equine Complex. This area includes classrooms, demonstration lab, faculty offices and both indoor and outdoor arenas for practice and competition.

Across the street from the campus are the baseball and softball fields.

Important Campus Resources

BW 153
719.336.1590 /800.968.6920
BZ Student Services Center
Equity Office
TR Business Office
Athletic Director
Wellness Center 109
Campus Bookstore
East Betz Atrium
Campus Health Center
Wellness Center 125
Campus Closure Line
Campus Safety
Daytime: 719.336.1543
Evening: 719.336.1192/ 

Todd-Burch Hall
BZ Student Services Center

CCCS Information Technologies Support Desk
Cosmetology Salon
TR 112
BW 136
Dining Hall
Kelley Union Cafeteria / Todd-Burch Hall
Disability Services/Special Populations
BW 125
Concurrent Enrollment Classes
BZ 232
Duplication Services
East Betz Atrium
Educational Opportunity Center
BZ 237
BW Basement
Financial Aid
BZ Student Services Center
Fitness Center
Wellness Center-Upper
GED Testing
BW 153
Learning Resource Center/Library
BW Lower Level
Learning Support Services
BW 153
Lope Access (Staff/Student Portal) Assistance
CCCS Information
Technologies Support Desk
Motor Vehicle Registration
BZ Student Services Center
President’s Office
Administration Upper Level
BZ 116
BZ Student Services Center
Residence Hall Office
Todd-Burch Hall
Student Activities
Todd-Burch Hall
Student Email Assistance
CCCS Information
Technologies Support Desk
Student I.D.’s
BZ Student Services Center
Student Services
BZ Student Services Center
Student Government Association
BZ 238
Transcripts/Student Records
BZ Student Services Center
Transfer Coordinator/Bachelor’s Options
BW 152
Tutoring Services
BW 122
Veterans’ Benefits
BZ Student Services Center

Student Resources at a Glance

Academic Advising

Assigns an academic advisor to certificate and degree-seeking students and by request to non-degree seekers.

Campus Bookstore - The “Lope Shoppe”

Offers course textbooks, supplies, food items, spirit wear, & gifts.

Campus Health Center

Provides medical & dental services.

Fitness Center

Offers complete training/workout programs.

Learning Resource Center/Library

Provides books, periodicals, wireless Internet access and computers, interlibrary loan materials, and comfortable study areas.

Learning Support Services

LCC’s federally-funded TRiO Student Support Services program provides services to students in the following areas:

  • Assessment
  • Academic & transfer counseling
  • Tutoring

Student Services Center

A one-stop shop for admission, registration, payment, financial aid, and transcript requests.

Helpful Community Contacts

Public Information/Services  

CenturyTel (telephone/Internet)


Chamber of Commerce


Domestic Safety Resource Center


Electric & Water Connects/Disconnects


Fire Department


Lamar Public Library


Police Department


Voter Registration


Welcome Home Childcare

Health Services  

High Plains Dental Center


High Plains Community Health Center


Prowers County Public Health


Prowers Medical Center

Banking Services  

Colorado East Bank & Trust


Community State Bank


Fellowship Credit Union


Frontier Bank


Lamar Civic-Federal Credit Union


Valley National Bank


Lamar Lanes Bowling Alley


Lamar Parks & Recreation


Lamar Theatre


Answers to Your Questions

Bulletin Boards

Students and community members may post materials on community bulletin boards throughout campus using posted guidelines. Departmental and campus life boards are reserved for College use only.

Campus Closures

Due to occasional inclement weather or other circumstance, it may be necessary to cancel classes or close the campus. Students and staff may call 719.336.1515 to find out details about potential cancellations/ closures.

Emergency Preparedness

LCC is committed to providing a safe learning environment for students and staff. Occasionally, emergencies may arise that necessitate a move to a safer location in a campus building or building evacuation. LCC expects everyone to follow these guidelines. More information is posted on campus bulletin boards.

The College recommends that students keep their emergency contact information up-to-date through their Lope Access portal accounts.  This will allow LCC to contact students quickly in the event of a campus or weather emergency.

If it is necessary for a campus building (or buildings) to be evacuated due to emergency, students and staff must use the nearest safe exit and meet at the following designated points.

  • Bowman, Trustees, Betz—“Quad” grass area between these buildings
  • Residence Hall—Volleyball pit north of the residence hall.

In case of emergency sirens, all staff and students should quickly and carefully collect at the following locations for a head count and wait until an all-clear signal is given.

  • Bowman Building—Large Lecture Hall (BW 139)
  • Trustees Building—Trustees Basement (Below Business Office)
  • Residence Hall—Basement/Weight Room
  • Betz Technology Center—Lower/East Wing (Not in Atrium)

After the all-clear signal is heard, students and staff may return to classes and offices.

Fire Alarms

While in campus buildings, students should be aware of where the closest and alternate exits are located. When a fire alarm sounds, all LCC students, staff, and faculty must vacate the affected building immediately. If the alarm is proven to be false, an LCC official notifies everyone when it is safe to return to the building.

Parking Regulations

All vehicles must be registered with Campus Security. Parking permits may be obtained from the Cashier’s Office in the Student Services Center. Students may park in any campus parking lot and do not have special parking privileges.

Student Records

LCC acts in full compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). (See Getting Started  (Student Records) and Legal Notices  sections for more information regarding FERPA and definitions of common terms.)

Tobacco Use

As per state statute, smoking is prohibited inside College buildings. The College strongly discourages use of other types of tobacco in buildings as well. Smoking is not allowed within 15 feet of primary building entrances.

Southeast Colorado & the City of Lamar

With a population of approximately 22,000 within a four county region, Lamar functions as a hub for the region which borders Kansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. The area is rich with modern farming, ranching, and manufacturing industries and is located in the Lower Arkansas River Valley. Lamar is located at the intersection of three national highways and served by a major bus line and AMTRAK.

The region hosts an abundance of clubs, organizations, events and activities. A community of artists, who create in a variety of media, has developed in the area, and several of the artists have attained national prominence. Nearby, John Martin Reservoir and Queens Lake offer water sports, hiking, fishing, and outing opportunities. A number of natural and manmade attractions, including petroglyphs, dinosaur tracks, caves, canyons, and heritage tourism destinations, offer explorers opportunities to discover Southeast Colorado’s beauty.  City parks, picnic, swimming, and tennis facilities are also available. The beautiful Rocky Mountains are a three to four-hour drive away, and students and visitors frequently take weekend trips by car to Colorado Springs and Denver. 

Click here  to view map.