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College Catalog 2015-2016 
College Catalog 2015-2016 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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BIO 201 - Human Anatomy & Physiology I: SC1

Credits: 4(3-1)

Focuses on an integrated study of the human body including histology, anatomy, and physiology of each system. Examines molecular, cellular and tissue levels of organization plus integuments, skeletal, articulations, muscular, and nervous systems. Includes a mandatory hands-on laboratory experience covering experimentation, microscopy, observations, and dissection. SC1

  This is the first semester of a two-semester sequence. Prerequisite(s): Accuplacer RC 80 or Higher or SS 95 or higher, or ACT/SAT Scores that exempt the student from Accuplacer testing, or successful completion of CCR 092 with grade of SC or higher.

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