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College Catalog 2010-2011 
College Catalog 2010-2011 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Support Services


Under the umbrella of the Learning Resources, LCC provides the personal, academic, and instructional support necessary to ensure student success. Support services are easily available to all LCC students free of charge and include library resources, tutoring support for all LCC classes, developmental skill building, remediation, ESL instruction, counseling, career assessment, transfer assistance, and cultural enrichment opportunities. Learning Resources are housed in the Bowman Building, and all students are encouraged to take advantage of the services as an essential part of their educational experiences at Lamar Community College.

Learning Support Services

Located on the lower floor of the Bowman Building, LCC’s Learning Support Services provides tutoring, personal and academic counseling, career assessment and counseling, transfer assistance, and crisis intervention to LCC students free of charge. These services ensure that students are successful throughout their LCC careers and in all aspects of college life.

A portion of these services are funded under a $243,000 Federal grant intended to increase retention and graduation rates. In addition, First Generation Scholarships and Grants are available to eligible participants. For information about services provided or eligibility requirements, students are encouraged to contact Learning Support Services at 719.336.1528.

Developmental Skills

LCC offers developmental skills instruction in reading, writing, math, and study strategies. Students may enter and take advantage of this instruction at various levels, based on assessment recommendations or personal choice. Developmental skills are taught through a variety of methods, including credit-bearing courses. These courses do not apply toward satisfying degree or certificate requirements. See Academic Affairs , Grades and Grade Reports for more information.

Disability Services

It is recognized that in order to maximize opportunities for success, some students must receive benefit from reasonable accommodations in response to documented disabilities. In order to arrange for such accommodations, please provide documentation and request services at least three weeks prior to the time services are needed. For more information, contact Special Populations at 719.336.1533.

Adult Transition Services

Adult Transition Services at Lamar Community College provides adult literacy, adult ESL (English as a Second Language), and GED General Education Development Tests (GED) preparation classes, free of charge. These classes are funded by the Adult Education and Family Literacy Act (AEFLA), administered through the Colorado Department of Education. Individuals who are at least 17 years old and are no longer enrolled in a high school are eligible to receive instruction in these classes, which are offered on convenient daytime and evening schedules. Call 719.336.6646 or for more information.

Career Development Skills Preparation

Adult Transition Services at LCC also administers a Career Pathways curriculum of three alternating four-week modules—Personal & Career Development, Work Styles & Ethics, and Business & Workplace Basics—throughout the academic year, as well as a fourth module, the Career Pathways Capstone module, which provides a bridge to enrollment and employment. The Career Pathways curriculum was developed by the Office of Adult Transition Services in partnership with the Prowers County Department of Social Services, and these classes are open to PCDSS clients, as well as to anyone in LCC’s service area for a fee. All modules in the Career Pathways program at Lamar Community College include skill-building instruction on the WIN Career Readiness Courseware, aligned to WorkKeys. For more information about WIN-WorkKeys at LCC, please call 719.336.6644.

GED Preparation Services

LCC’s Adult Transition Services provides preparation for the General Educational Development (GED) battery of tests. First, the GED candidate should schedule a meeting with Adult Transition Services at 719.336.6644. During this meeting the candidate is provided with a diagnostic evaluation free of charge. Evaluations consist of math, language arts, and reading tests. The results are assessed and used to determine the individual’s current skill levels. If the GED candidate tests at high levels in all areas, then he or she is immediately referred to the GED Test Administrator for testing on the next available date. If scores are lower, the GED candidate is encouraged to enroll in AEFLA-funded ABE (Adult Basic Education) or ASE (Adult Secondary Education – GED Prep) free classes, designed to raise the skills needed to pass the GED examination. Passing the examination qualifies the student for the GED diploma issued by the Colorado Department of Education.

WIN Courseware for WorkKeys

WIN Courseware is used to find and raise workplace skill levels for greater employment and career development success. Students are able to improve their job skills in the following areas: applied mathematics, reading for information, locating information, applied technology, listening, observation, writing and business writing, teamwork, and work habits. WIN includes a considerable Career Center section, where students can compare their skillsets to the relevant skills for 15,000 different jobs that have been profiled by WIN. Employers can use the Career Center profiles or get their own custom profiles from WIN, in order to screen prospective employees.

WIN Career Readiness Certificates are aligned to the WorkKeys job skills system. The WIN courseware provides 1,200+ hours of interactive Internet-based instruction. Placement tests determine readiness in each WorkKeys skill assessment area, and there are post-tests with randomly selected questions for every skill level. Adult Transition Services provides management of each student’s learning path and documentation of progress, and refers students to Lamar Workforce for national Bronze, Silver, and Gold WorkKeys certificates. Call 719.336.6644 for more information.

Educational Opportunity Center

The Educational Opportunity Center seeks to have a positive impact on postsecondary educational attainment for those who may face barriers to enrollment. Those who are eligible for the services of this program are able to access at no charge:

  • assistance with admissions and financial aid applications;
  • career interest and aptitude testing;
  • referral to ACT preparation classes;
  • referral to on-campus academic support services;
  • referral to GED, ABE, or ESL programs;
  • new student orientation workshops;
  • academic advising and curriculum planning; and
  • transfer assistance.

For more information and eligibility guidelines, contact the Educational Opportunity Center at 719.336.1588.


The Library is an integral part of the instructional process at LCC. Traditional library services, as well as electronic research options are available on a schedule designed to meet the needs of students, faculty and the community. For more information, contact 719.336.1541.

Tutoring Services

Learning Support Services provides tutoring assistance to all students in most subject areas. In addition to assisting students with specific course-related needs, trained tutors work with students to build and strengthen study skills. They are available on a one-on-one or group basis. Students are encouraged to utilize tutoring services at no charge; no appointments are necessary. For more information or locations contact LCC’s tutor coordinator at 719.336.1535.